Ficus Techniques : 22

How to handle root rot on a fig?


I noticed that one of the large roots on my Ficus is soft and appears rotten. How do I handle this?


Ficus trees kept in too moist a soil or in a non-draining pot (one without a drain hole) can develop root rot. This is evident by soft roots that are dark in color and smell unhealthy. First, using a sharp knife remove all the soft rotting root and treat the cut area with rooting hormone.

Second, the tree must be repotted into fresh well-draining soil in a container that has at least one drain hole.

Water only when the soil is slightly dry an inch below the surface.

*The tree may be placed into an emergency tent created from a large clear plastic bag. Keep the bag out of direct sun but in good artificial or indirect sunlight. Open the bag every few days and moisten the soil as needed.

Once the tree is growing new leaves remove it from the bag increasing an hour or two longer each day and then after a week remove it from the bag.

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