Ficus Techniques : 46

The Focal Point

by Jerry Meislik

Any piece of art should have a theme, main area of interest or focal point. This is the view that the artist wishes to have the viewer admire or focus on. Poor works of art often fail because the artist fails to select out the theme or focal point and does not direct the viewer to this most critical feature.

To demonstrate this point, I am showing a Ficus natalensis bonsai. The first photo shows the tree and is an attractive view of this bonsai. Clearly the visual flow is directed from the roots and moved out along the long right branch.

The second shot shows the long semi-cascading right branch has been shortened rather dramatically. The removed branch is seen on the stand. It will be rooted as another bonsai.

The last image shows the tree bringing the focal point back to the rootage - the clear intent is to re-focus the viewer to the dramatic roots at the core of the design.

You the viewer can decide which image you prefer.

Ficus with long, flowing branch to right

The branch has been shortened

Focal point is now the root structure


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