Ficus Techniques : 8

Lowering A Tree

Quite often a tree in its training will need to be lowered into a shallower pot. Bart Thomas shows a sequence cutting off the basal trunk to lower a Ficus salicifolia into a shallower pot.

Ficus in its deep growing container.


Bart states "I removed about 1 1/2" of the bottom of the trunk (in two 3/4" cuts).

Well, at least I'll be able to figure the age of the tree!

This cut was made August 1st.

Tree on its side before saw cut to base of trunk.


Bottom of tree showing sawed surface and remaining roots.


Two weeks later, planted lower in its new container.


Thanks to Jim Smith and JVL, who talked me into it. If I contemplate doing this on future trees, I will scar them below the new soil line and dust with rooting hormone before potting down in order to get more roots closer to the surface. Here's a snap shot of the tree taken this morning (between raindrops) - 2 weeks after the operation. I lost one branch tip (broken) as a result of the procedure. No leaf has so much as curled."

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