Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

This plant was started from a small cutting over 20 years ago. It grows quickly and needs trimming several times each year. Hibiscus roots fill the container and it must be repotted yearly.

The plant begins to fail if not repotted regularly and branches can die off.

The red pot was selected to complement the leaves which have three colors; white, red and green.

The flowers are a shocking pink and very large. In bloom the tree looks quite out of scale.

The tree is 13 inches tall and the trunk diamter is 1.25 inches.

There are many Hibiscus that can be used for bonsai. Hibiscus tiliaceus is another Hibiscus that grows near the beach in Taiwan and is used extensively for bonsai. It has large leaves that must be kept restrained to be in scale. See this article on Master Min-Shuan Lo.

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