Information on Bonsai Culture and Care

Tropical/Indoor Bonsai
ArrowDean Bull's Barney Rubble Pots
ArrowTropical Wintering System
ArrowDemonstrations in Namibia
Tropical /Indoor Bonsai
Lighting For Indoor Bonsai
Metal Halide Lights
Indoor Bonsai - Growing Under Fluorescent Lights
Preparation For Moving Your Indoor Bonsai Outdoors
Hydroponics and Bonsai
Do It Yourself Hydroponics
Wrightia religiosa - Water Jasmine
Caesalpinia ferrea - The Brazilian Leopard Tree
Phyllanthus myrtifolius - The Mousetail Plant
Ebenopsis ebano - Texas Ebony
The Secret To Success With Indoor Bonsai - Part 1
The Fukien Tea
An Imposing Premna Microphylla
Murraya paniculata - Orange Jessamine
Master Min-Hsuan Lo, Taiwan
Bonsai Legend David Fukumoto and Fuku-Bonsai
ArrowRoot-over-rock Schefflera Workshop
Schefflera "The Indestructible Bonsai"
LED Grow Lights Compared To Fluorescent Lights Pt. 1
LED Grow Lights Compared To Fluorescent Lights Pt. 2
LED Grow Lights Compared To Fluorescent Lights Pt. 3
Dustin Mann's Indoor Bonsai Growing
Hydroponics In A "Bag"
Bonsai Tour of NamibiaNamibia Bonsai Tour
South African Bonsai Tour
Durban Bonsai ShowSouth Africa Bonsai Tour Pt. ll
Africa Bonsai Tour Part 13rd South African Bonsai Show, Durban South Africa
Africa Bonsai Tour Part llCarl Rosner's Greenhouse
A Simple Home-made Plant Stand

Ficus or Figs
Ficus Indoors
Propagating Ficus
Shaping A Heavy Branch
Grafting Figs
Advanced Grafting of Figs  
A New Grafting Tape
Defoliating Your Fig
Banyans, And Other Unusual Fig Styles
Tigerbark Ficus
Ficus Microcarpa - The Chinese Banyan
Re-designing A Fig
Creating An Epiphytic Fig
Creating A Fused Fig
Reduction Building
Grafting Day In Taichung
Ficus Microcarpa In Training
Rainforest Ficus: Part 1
Rainforest Ficus: Part 2
"MAHALO" - Designing A Fig In the Mid-Pacific Bonsai Collection
"MAHALO"- Part Two
"MAHALO"- Part Three
The Ginseng Ficus

Temperate Climate Bonsai
Pines for Northern Climates
Yew-Taxus Family
Wind River Arboretum and Bonsai Speculation
Refining A Redwood in New Zealand
Rocky Mountain Bonsai With Larry Jackel

General Bonsai information
Bonsai Tour to Namibia
The Bunjin or Literati Style
Bonsai Program in Chile
Reduction, Chop, or Hack Back of Bonsai
Master Chiang in Montana
Master Min-Hsuan Lo Visits Montana
Winnipeg Bonsai Weekend
Ten Bonsai Fallacies
Beginner's Workshop Manual
Improving The Roots Of Your Bonsai
The Whitebark Pine
The Dreaded "S" CurveThe Dreaded "S" Curve

Wiring A Bonsai

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